Portable documentation and help system for custom Windows applications.


Develop a fully-managed documentation and help system to supersede .CHM.


  1. The Help! project will be written in C# using Visual Studio (preferably 2008 for release and 2005 for the Prototype).

Baseline Functional Specification

  1. The system must be easy-to-use, lightweight and portable.
  2. Stand-alone, compressed binary format that contains:
    1. all HTML topics and resources.
    2. XML-based TOC and index data.
    3. full-text search data.
    4. optionally, web service information for downloading live HTML content from various end-points.
    5. mixed content; e.g., the default topic's content comes from a web service and the remaining content exists in the file itself. (Think VS Start page).
  3. Develop a public UserControl for presentation:
    1. Point it to a binary resource file on disc or on a website.
    2. TOC, index and full-text search tabs.
    3. Content area for viewing topics.
    4. Easily customizable, with the ability to add new tabs for additional HTML content.
  4. Develop a stand-alone WinForms application that integrates the UserControl with the binary data file as an embedded resource.
    1. Support X-copy deployment. There should be no prerequesites on an end-user's system other than the .NET Framework.
  5. Visual Studio project template for building a customized instance of the WinForms application for deployment.
  6. Console and GUI for building the binary resource file, stand-alone.
  7. Expose a public API with the following functions:
    1. Request raw HTML topics by title and collections of topics by keywords.
    2. Add/remove/replace HTML topics that are persisted in the binary resource file.
    3. Invoke a context-sensitive help dialog, tool window or tooltip for a specific topic, keyword or full-text query.
  8. Develop an "extender" component that adds properties to controls for context-sensitive help information and displays a tooltip using the API.
  9. Full support for Unicode data.
  10. CAS security and optional encryption.


Envisioned having a single assembly in the GAC that exposes (publicly) the User Control, the Form (for invoking help dialogs without requiring the WinForms .exe), and the API.


Usage Scenarios

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