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UC02. Invoke a context-sensitive help dialog

End-user clicks a Help > Contents menu item to show a help dialog for the active control on the Form; like pressing F1 in Visual Studio.

Actors: Developer, End-user

  1. Developer has added the "extender" component to the Form.
  2. Developer has associated keywords to controls using an extended property in the Properties window.
  3. Keywords are associated to help topics by the embedded index in the binary resource file that must be pre-generated before deployment.
  4. Developer configures the application's binary resource file according to UC01.
End-User task sequence:
  1. Select a control on the form.
  2. Click the Help > Contents menu item.
Developer task sequence
  1. handle the click event for the menu item.
  2. get the keyword that is associated with the active control.
  3. show the Form class as a dialog using a static management class.
  4. ensure the tab in the sidebar named "Contents" is visible using a method argument.
  5. ensure the content pane displays help for the specified keyword using a method argument.
Example code
protected void helpContentsMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  string keyword = helpExtender1.GetKeyword(this.ActiveControl);
  HelpManager.ShowDialog("Contents", keyword);

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